5 Reasons Why You May Need a Business Lawyer

By: | January 9th, 2023

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Starting a new business is a great endeavor, but having a professional to guide you through makes the process even smoother and more efficient. Legal issues and uncertainties may seemingly emerge from nowhere, and you need a business attorney to protect yourself against legal consequences and liability. Here are a few reasons why hiring a business lawyer is a great investment decision.

1.  Legal issues with employees

Employees are the most important people for your business, and ensuring that all your dealings with the workforce are legal and above board is essential. However, getting into legal disputes with your employees can quickly get sour and damage your business reputation forever. Hiring a business attorney can ensure that everything, including labor contracts and conditions, is up to par, which may save you major issues in the future.

There are also many laws that govern the reasons for not hiring or terminating a contract, so you might need to justify hiring and firing decisions. Disobeying these laws can put you in legal jeopardy, so asking business attorneys for help is a great idea.

2.  Liability protections

Depending on the form and type of business, owners and investors have different liabilities, given the certain protections and risks involved. If you don’t know how you are personally liable for your business, you may encounter overwhelming surprises in the future.

A business lawyer can set up your business to ensure you are protected from personal liability in case of a lawsuit or debt. They will ensure your business follows state law to guarantee that your benefits and protections remain in place.

3.  Lawsuits against your business

There are various lawsuits that could be filed against your business. One of the most common lawsuits is when an employee suffers a workplace injury. Whether your business was responsible or not, it can cost you a lot of money if the injured worker hires an experienced injury lawyer and you don’t have your own to counter the case.

While your employee might be in the right, that doesn’t mean you should pay out more than they are entitled to. An experienced lawyer can structure your business agreements in such a way that you will have an immediate advantage in case a lawsuit is filed against your business.

4.  Ensure your contracts are airtight

Ensuring you have sound contracts is a critical thing for a business. If not, other business entities may take advantage of incomplete and obscure agreements. Unfortunately, solving issues that emerge from this disorderliness can be extremely expensive. A business attorney can help you draft an indisputable agreement, which will help you avoid potential losses and future disagreements.

5.  Registration and licensing

You can just set up a business and start operating. Every company has responsibilities and obligations before its state governments or municipalities. You might need to apply for a license or give public notice of your intention to start a business or acquire assets of an established business. A business attorney can help you navigate the complicated legal process of starting a business, including filing all necessary documents.


Running a successful business requires expertise, and hiring a business attorney to help you in certain situations can be extremely crucial. While corporate lawyers mainly deal with lawsuits, they can also help you draft contracts and run your business in line with the state’s laws.


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