The Lightest Electric Vehicle Ever Made

By: | January 3rd, 2013

Boosted Boards is re-imagining the long skateboard as an electric powered portable vehicle that will revolutionize the way people travel when commuting to work, sightseeing, having fun, or traveling short to medium range distances.

According to the founders, 50 percent of car trips and 25 percent of commutes are under 5 miles.  Using a lightweight portable vehicle will provide a convenient alternative to other means of transportation, save money ($5 per 2000 miles) and provide exercise and fresh air in an economical and environmentally friendly way.   The technology will solve the  “last mile” problem which is the distance travelers must walk to a destination once they exit a public transportation system.  According to co-founder John Ulmen, surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders  will make an easy transition to these new electric  vehicles and easily adopt them into their lifestyle and the market will grow from there as more and more people give it a try.

A normal long skateboard or “long board” averages  8 pounds; current prototypes for Boosted Board weigh only four pounds more and are easy to carry.  Boosted Boards are designed for a 6 mile range, 20 mile per hour top speed, regenerative breaking (allowing charging of batteries when coming to a stop), and 2000W (2.6 horsepower) of motor power to provide efficient and safe uphill climbing and downhill breaking on grades up to 15 degrees for a rider weighing up to 185 pounds.  With 10 prototypes in the works and further development heavier riders will soon be accommodated.

Boosted Boards special technology includes twin brush-less motors rather than DC motors which provide more power with less weight.  Lithium batteries are used to provide plenty of range without too much bulk.  Boosted Boards has patents on its custom electronics, on-board computers, motor controllers, and software that make the design responsive, quiet and easy to control.  Finally, the electronics and batteries allow a full charge in less than 2 hours.

Boosted Boards raised $467,167 from 1,100 backers in 2012 through Kickstarter.  The company is now taking pre-orders for the launch of its first product, priced at $1,299.  Product delivery is set to begin in September 2013.  Boosted Boards plans to release a tour schedule soon to promote its products.

David Russell Schilling

David enjoys writing about high technology and its potential to make life better for all who inhabit planet earth.

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