Sony Smart Watch works like a Mini PC

By: | December 12th, 2012

We are getting extremely close to having a fully functioning wrist PC. While many people are using smart phones today as they would a PC, it cannot always be convenient to constantly be pulling out your phone in order to check on text messages, e-mails and other alerts.

Luckily there is now a solution.

We are somewhat far off from having smart phones and wrist-based PCs that can function and use operating systems like android. However the Sony Smart watch does offer up its very own style of control for your android smart phone. By using the Smart watch users can very quickly get access to things like text messages, e-mails and other alerts via Bluetooth from their android smart phone. Using the Sony Smart watch interface you can display just about any information that you would normally be able to display on your smart phone through this control device.

The screen is extremely easy to read with an OLED touchscreen at 1.3 inches. The device also works to vibrate and displayed notifications onscreen when you are receiving a call or an alert. It’s quite easy to access the Google play market as well as he used extra features like snapping photos from your phone using the watch as a remote.

Overall, if you normally keep your smart phone on your desk, in a bag, or even in your pocket throughout your day, the Sony Smart watch can help you to access features without having to constantly dig around for your phone. Eventually companies may improve on this design and actually be able to fit the components from the phone into a working watch that can run the operating system.

However, until this type of miniaturized nation is made functional, if you have ever dreamed of a watch PC the Sony Smart watch is as close as you can get today.

Jeremy Helms

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