Celebrate Earth Day Every Day: How Energy-Efficient Portable Monitors Can Help Save Our Planet

By: | April 17th, 2024

Did you know that Earth Day was created in the spring of 1970 by a man named Senator Gaylord Nelson? Senator Nelson invented Earth Day because there was no environmental protection agency, no Clean Air or Water Act, and no legal or regulatory mechanisms in place for the Earth’s protection. 

Imagine a world like that. That’s why Senator Nelson invented Earth Day — so that every 22nd of April, the world can remember to make our environment a little happier, healthier, and cleaner. 

But does this have to happen only on the 22nd of April? Using energy-efficient portable monitors like the Duex Plus portable laptop monitors lets you turn Earth Day into an everyday event. But how does this help? Read on to find out!

The Energy-Saving Properties of Portable Laptop Monitors

If you don’t already know, laptops aren’t exactly the Earth’s best product. For one, the process of manufacturing laptops involves the extraction of raw materials (which is energy-intensive already) as well as transportation, processing, and assembly. Just imagine all the fossil fuel that’ll need to be burned during these processes. But that’s not all. 

Some computers take it a step further so that they just cannot operate without electricity. This does not just add to the fossil fuels needed (which, by the way, has a negative impact on the release of CO2 into the atmosphere), but it also increases energy consumption as a whole. 

So, are laptops bad? 

Definitely not—that’s if you’re using portable laptop monitors. So, then… in what ways do these portable monitors help save the Earth? Let’s examine that in three different phases. 

Lower Energy Consumption

Image credit: Duex Plus by Mobile Pixels

Starting out with the most impactful is the amount of energy the laptops consume. You already understand that computers have a way of sucking out energy. However, portable monitors only account for about one-tenth of this percentage (which is a lot of relief for the Earth). Again, how does this happen?

The first is the switch from power-hungry fluorescent lamps to energy-efficient LED backlighting. Conventional monitors use fluorescents for backlighting, which tend to be brighter but ultimately take up so much energy. However, LED has always been known to lead to a more sustainable approach, hence becoming a better option for the Earth (not to mention better picture quality).

Also, most portable monitors have smaller screens than the traditional make-up. Therefore, portable laptops need less power than conventional ones to show the same image. But that’s nothing compared to the auto-brightness feature these portable screens have. 

Many portable monitors come equipped with auto-brightness features that adjust screen luminance based on ambient light. While conventional computers may not be able to do this, the simple add-on of auto-brightness eliminates unnecessary energy use in brightly lit environments.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Another impressive way portable computers help save the Earth is to tackle the starting point of the whole matter – manufacturing. As mentioned earlier, laptops are made after the extraction of multiple raw materials, which can be energy-consuming. However, because portable monitors are smaller (no need for CPUs, separate keyboards, independent mouse devices, separate speakers, etc.) and simpler in design, they also require much fewer materials for manufacturing. This, therefore, cuts down the impact of extraction on the earth by over 50%.

Still, on the same topic, portable laptops also reduce reliance on personal vehicles, which in turn, reduces carbon emissions. Note that portable monitors are small, compact, and, most of all, lightweight. These characteristics encourage users to take a more mobile work style without too much dependency on personal vehicles for transportation of the devices. 

Sustainable Work Habits

Image credit: Duex Plus by Mobile Pixels

Finally, portable monitors allow you to extend your laptop’s workspace with the use of other portable, energy-saving devices. From more portable screens to a portable desktop, all these add-ons make for a sustainable work environment without affecting the environment negatively. Also, it eliminates the need for a secondary desktop computer, saving energy and reducing overall e-waste.

Choosing an Energy-Efficient Portable Monitor

Now that you know how choosing portable laptops can make a huge difference for Earth’s Day and beyond, let’s look at a simple buying guide.

  1. The Energy Star Label: Before you decide on a laptop, look for the label with the energy star on it. The star represents a certification stating that the laptop meets strict energy-efficiency standards. Choosing a laptop in this category guarantees the energy-saving features of the laptops. 
  2. Smaller Screens: There’s not much to be said here than this: the smaller the screen, the lower the power consumption. However, you don’t need to go for the smallest all the time. Remember to put your needs into perspective as well. 
  3. LED Backlighting: While most portable monitors have LED backlighting, it’s still vital for you to ascertain this feature before purchasing. Most computers will have the indication on the back of the package. 

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