Delta 9: Finding the Right Balance for Your Needs

By: | November 13th, 2023

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As the popularity of cannabis products continues to grow rapidly, the debate between Delta 8 vs Delta 9 THC grows increasingly common. The general consensus is that Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol has a less potent psychoactive effect than Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is more prevalent in marijuana than hemp. This means that Delta 9 causes a more euphoric high and can achieve the same outcome with a lower dose than equivalent Delta 8 products. So how can you find the perfect balance to enjoy all of the benefits they have to offer?

There are 3 main factors to consider: dosage, product type and the desired effect.

How do I know what dosage is best?

This may sound like a cop out, but bear with us… THC dosage is entirely individual and depends upon a range of factors. It is well known that this cannabinoid affects everyone differently, so giving any hard and fast dosage recommendations is virtually impossible. Rather than following concrete dosage recommendations, the rule most people go by is “start low and go slow”. That is to say, start off with a very low dose to see how your body responds to Delta 9 and gradually increase the amount you take until you achieve the desired results. This approach also helps to avoid any negative reactions from starting off too strong.

Studies have found that people can experience a range of unpleasant effects which are thought to be more common when taking higher doses of THC. Some of the reported negative reactions are decreased cognitive performance, feelings of panic and hallucinations. However, at the right dose, Delta 9 products have been proven to have undeniable therapeutic benefits, so gradually building up the amount of Delta 9 THC you take will help you find the optimum dose to combat your ailments.

How do I choose between different Delta 9 products? 

Although finding the amount of Delta 9 THC that gives you the desired effect is important, another factor to consider is the type of THC product you use. There is a huge range of different Delta 9 products available, but what’s the difference?

The most popular forms are oils, tinctures, gummies, edibles, and topicals. There are countless factors to consider when selecting the perfect product for you, but here is a brief run-down of some of the main differences.

Firstly, consider any additional ingredients you wish to avoid as this may rule out certain products. For example, if you don’t consume alcohol then that discounts a tincture, whereas vegans will be more limited on the range of gummies available as many of them contain gelatin.

Another contributing factor that may influence your decision is the speed at which the THC is absorbed into your system and the duration of the effects. Oils and tinctures get to work more quickly as they do not need to pass through the digestive system, so if you’re looking to get quick relief then this may be the best option. Gummies and other edibles take longer to kick in as they must be digested before the THC can reach the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) in the brain, but the benefits are shown to last longer – up to 8 hours whereas Delta 9 oil generally lasts around 4 hours.

Topical THC products require time to be absorbed by the skin, but their effect is more targeted to the area where it is applied and is believed to have a lesser impact on cognitive function, although there is little detailed research into this subject as of yet.

Beyond the form in which you choose to purchase your Delta 9 products, using products from a reputable manufacturer is also very important. With so many brands hopping on the bandwagon, make sure you are buying high-quality Delta 9 products, with transparent and detailed product information.

Which product is most suited to my needs?

The final key factor to weigh up is the issue you wish to manage through the therapeutic benefits of THC and which products lend themselves to that. For example, if you are managing chronic pain then edible Delta 9 products could be of benefit to you as they have the longest-lasting impact. For anxiety, a product which acts more quickly such as a tincture may be preferable. When used for its anti-inflammatory properties, topical products are often popular to target localized issues.

So, finding the ideal Delta 9 solution for you is a balancing act and can take some trial and error. Just take it easy and try out a range of products to find your ideal balance for a serene life. Weigh up the factors we have discussed and find your flow.


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