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Are Drone Deliveries Really Better for the Environment?

Many delivery companies started testing drones to deliver the goods to the customers. The idea is to cut on delivery costs, but also to minimize the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. And sure, drones are powered by batteries, which makes them zero-emission vehicles, which should translate in significant cuts in emissions. However, according to a […]

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Can We Really Make Food ‘From Air’ Without Farms?
Scientists Develop New Coating That Could Hide People from Thermal Cameras
Taxis in England Will Soon Charge Wirelessly
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Bosch’s Virtual Visor Uses AI to Block out Just the Sun

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year, thousands of car accidents take place due to sun glare. To deal with this issue, German engineering company Bosch has come up with a clever new automotive sun visor. Now to avoid rays from shining directly into your eyes, you need not to search for your sunglasses […]

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Demand for Older Tractors Skyrocketing and Prices Rising
Behemoths on the Sea: The World’s Largest Ships by Gross Tonnage
Mercedes-Benz Unveils Vision AVTR Concept Car Inspired By Movie “Avatar”
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