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UAE’s ‘Noor Abu Dhabi’ is the World’s Largest Solar Power Project

United Arab Emirates (UAE) takes the lead in going green by unveiling ‘Noor Abu Dhabi’ the largest individual solar power project in the world. Developed by Emirate Water and Electricity Company, it just has reduced its carbon footprint by lowering its dependence on oil for powering its grid systems. Although there are some solar parks […]

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India Successfully Launched Chandrayaan-2
America’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs
Scotland Generated Enough Wind Energy to Power Two Scotlands
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Giant Jellyfish as Big as a Human Spotted Off UK Coast

We all know that the oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface but did you know that 94 percent of life on Earth is aquatic…making we land-dwellers a very small minority. We are planning colonies on Mars, but the oceans that drive our weather, regulate temperature, and ultimately support all living organisms are yet to […]

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Planting Trees Is the Cheapest and Biggest Way to Tackle Climate Crisis
New Device Makes Electricity and Clean Water Simultaneously
Aging Delayed in Mice by Administering a Protein Supplement
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