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Chevrolet Introduces Mandatory “Buckle to Drive” System

Chevrolet claims that teens have the lowest rates of putting the seatbelt on, so the car manufacturer has decided to make buckling up mandatory for them. More specifically, they have incorporated the requirement to use the seat belt into the “Teen Driver” system, so the car won’t accept any other inputs such as turning the […]

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Shocking invention! This Bracelet will give you electric shock for over eating
NASA to Open ISS to Tourists for $50 Million a Trip
Glucose-Powered Artificial Muscles That Functions Like the Real Thing
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Implementing IoT Into Industrial Manufacturing

The internet of things (IoT) and by extension the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are already here, so the question of how to implement them in the most beneficial way is now raised more often than ever before. From production monitoring to advanced information sharing and real-time analytics, IoT can enable manufacturing operations that were […]

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Scientists Discover Gigantic Freshwater Reservoir Hidden Beneath the Ocean
World’s First Stretchy E-Tattoo That Monitors Heart Health in Real Time
John Deere’s Tweel: The Tire That Never Goes Flat
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