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A Blast from the Past: Luxury Brand Reborn With a $1.7m Electric Supercar

A company that once rivaled Rolls Royce or Bentley for luxury and technical sophistication Hispano Suiza is making a comeback after more than 50 years. Once favored by monarchs and aristocracy, the Spanish automaker Hispano-Suiza had seen turbulent time that forced the company to go under in the ’60’s. There had been a number of […]

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Low Cost Hand-Held Skin Cancer Detection Device
China’s “Artificial Sun” Will Be Completed This Year
USB4 is coming soon with same data transfer speeds as Intel’s Thunderbolt
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Breakthrough Research Gives Mice Infrared Vision

In breakthrough research conducted by Xue and Jin Bao at the University of Science and Technology of China as well as Gang Han at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, nanotechnology was instrumental to achieve temporary infrared vision in mice. Humans and other mammals are limited to seeing a range of wavelengths of light called […]

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Small Bearings are Transforming Automotive Seating from Comfort to Safety
Self Driving Cars Are Unable To Detect Pedestrians with Darker Skin Tones
How Carbon Nanotubes Are Being Used in Plant Gene Manipulation
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