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Zalige Bridge by NEXT Architects Embraces Flooding

Since the Netherlands lies just one meter above sea level — an eighth of the country lies below sea level — it has an extensive flood history. To combat this issue, Dutch designers have constructed numerous dikes, levees, and seawalls across the country. The Dutch are extremely proud of their water management. Now, Dutch architects […]

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World’s Largest Plane Will Take Off This Summer
How Will Blockchain Disrupt Wall Street & Main Street Jobs?
Facebook Privacy: Delete These Things Now
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MIT Researchers Create Mind-Reading Headset, Sort of …

MIT researchers have invented a new computer interface that allows you to talk to computers without speaking and listen to them without using your ears — at least, not in the usual way. Known as AlterEgo, this mind-reading headset is totally handsfree and voice-free. And, it doesn’t read your brain waves. How AlterEgo works:  The […]

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Injectable Bandage Made From Seaweed Stops Internal Bleeding in Three Minutes
Globalization: Interconnectedness Increasing Entrepreneurial Activity, Global GDP
Daisy Is Apple’s New Recycling Robot Tasked With Taking Apart iPhones and Recovering Materials
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