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Why the Newer Boeing 737 Engines Are Flat at the Bottom

Have you ever noticed that Boeing 737 engines have a weird shape? They look weird because they are flat at the bottom. But why are they flat? Is there some special reason for this? Of course, there is a reason! When the plane debuted, the Boeing 737 had rounded engines. But in 1985, Boeing decided to […]

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One Pill Can Kill the Influenza Virus Within 24 Hours
Thermal Resonator Generates Electricity from Thin Air
Watch M60 AVLB Make a Bridge in Under Two Minutes
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Elon Musk Posts Mass Transit Concept to Squash Backlash About “The Boring Company”

One thing we know is that The Boring Company is anything but boring. The brainchild of Elon Musk, The Boring Company has received a bit of backlash recently from public transit advocates who may or may not quite understand what the company is looking to do. In order to quell some of the criticism, Musk […]

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This Case Will Transform Your Smartphone into a Game Boy
Tokyo Built World’s Largest Underground Water Tank for Flood Protection
Discovery Reveals Secret of World’s Smallest Monkey
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