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NYC Hydroponic Farm Promises Rare, Fresh Produce

New York City is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States. Given the size of the city, it is no surprise that hydroponic farming (a method of growing plants in a soilless mineral nutrient solution) is becoming an increasingly popular option to cater to the high demand for fresh produce. A […]

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World’s Biggest Airplane, Stratolaunch, Taxiing at 46 MPH
The Growing Ecosystem for a Global Bioeconomy
Land Rover Launches “Toughest Phone in the World”
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Wearable Technology: See Your Heartbeat on Your Hand

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have made a big breakthrough in the field of wearable technology. They developed a highly flexible electronic skin display that can show the moving waveform of an electrocardiogram. This ultrathin, elastic display allows you to monitor vitals, such as your temperature, pulse pressure, electrocardiogram, and myoelectricity (the electrical properties […]

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BP Predicts Plastic Ban Will Cut Oil Demand
Ten Fuel Saving Tips Every Driver Should Know [Infographic]
Revolutionary Eye Drops May Improve Vision
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