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Chile Adds Five National Parks Over 10 Million Acres

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet has officially declared that Chile has created five sprawling national parks, and expanded the boundaries of another two, protecting vast swaths of the country’s rainforests, grasslands, and other wild terrains. In this effort, Chile has added about 10 million acres (an area almost as large as Switzerland) to its protected area […]

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How Drones Are Being Used For Agriculture [Infographic]
Olympic Pavilion Is “Darkest Building on Earth”
Sci-Fi Graphics Get Real: 3D Images that Float in Thin Air
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Earth’s Magnetic Poles May Be About to Flip. What Will Happen When They Do?

Earth’s magnetic field extends from the interior of the planet out into space. It protects us from solar and cosmic rays and deflects most of the solar wind, which would otherwise make holes in the ozone layer that protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation. When harmful particles enter the atmosphere, Earth’s magnetic field deflects them. […]

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Tiny Bug Turns Toxic Metals into Gold
Super Freaky Boston Dynamics Robots are Now Holding Doors for Each Other
Bizarre Orange Crocodiles Mutating into New Species
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