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Pentagon Moves Top-Secret Military Facility Back to Cold War-Era Nuclear Bunker Carved Into a Mountain

A fully contained and self-sufficient town functioning secretly and quietly — buried deep beneath a snow-covered mountain. The location for a spy movie? In reality, this town inside a mountain is the setting for a top-secret military facility in Colorado. Cheyenne Mountain is a triple-peaked mountain in El Paso County, Colorado Springs. The linked caves […]

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FDA Approves Luxturna: Gene Therapy for Rare Form of Blindness
“Self-Healing Glass” Could Fix Shattered Phone Screens
Eighteen-Year-Old Hillary Diane Andales Wins 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge
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AlphaZero Learns Chess, Checkmates Grandmaster

Progress in AI has been astonishing. Now, robots are not merely carrying out orders, but are also doing complex tasks that have traditionally been the sole domain of humans. Perhaps one day these machines might become so smart and complex that their creators may no longer be able to understand or control them. Recently, Google […]

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Home Biodigester Has You Cookin’ With Gas in No Time
China’s Hypersonic Missiles Could Hit Any Target in the World in One Hour
Russia Plans to Build a Luxury Hotel in Space
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