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Transparent Solar Cells Turn Windows Into Solar Panels

Worldwide, solar energy technology is growing day by day, becoming both cheaper and more efficient. With record-setting solar farms, it is the cheapest source of energy in many countries. When we think of solar panels, a picture of bulky units of solar panels installed on rooftops comes to mind. However, with this mind-blowing invention by […]

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Bardarbunga, Iceland’s Largest Volcano, Threatens Eruption
Researchers Observe a Protein Conducting Electricity
Souvenaid: Nutrient Drink May Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s
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Inflatable Habitat Will Orbit the Moon

Aerospace companies Bigelow Aerospace and the United Launch Alliance (ULA) have announced plans to launch a large space capsule that will eventually help astronauts plan for future space exploration missions. By 2022, this inflatable habitat will orbit the moon. Bigelow Aerospace is designing the B330 expandable module that will serve as a space station. The size of the […]

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Corals Eat Plastic Because It Tastes Good to Them
World’s First Negative Emissions Power Plant
ANYmal Robot Knows How to Take the Elevator
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