ANYmal Robot Knows How to Take the Elevator

By: | November 7th, 2017


YouTube/Robotic Systems Lab

As if robots weren’t already getting scary enough, the ANYmal quadruped bot by ETH Zurich can now snag its own elevator.

Robotics is all about efficiency, so foregoing the stairs makes a lot of sense. But that doesn’t make it any less terrifying.

Luckily, ANYmal is supposed to be a “good bot,” and so the team behind it hopes it can eventually be deployed in search and rescue missions.

Of course, being able to navigate many types of buildings is essential to being a good search and rescue bot. And the ability to summon an elevator is a huge plus. With those skills in its repertoire, it appears ANYmal is on its way to becoming a contributing member of society.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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