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Yamaha Niken Is a Leaning Trike and It Looks Awesome

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha unveiled a new vehicle some folks aren’t even quite sure how to describe. The Niken is a three-wheeled leaning trike/motorcycle hybrid and it looks pretty dang sweet. Yamaha describes the concept as a “Leaning Multi-Wheeler.” The trike utilizes a liquid-cooled three-cylinder engine and 15-in. wheels, but that’s about all […]

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Magic Mushrooms May Help Treat Depression
Powerwall Battery System Lights Up Puerto Rico Hospital
Intel Loihi Chip Accelerates Artificial Intelligence
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Lucid Dreaming: New Technique Makes It Possible

Lucid dreaming has been considered a myth for a long time. But now, scientists have found a technique to induce lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the awareness that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming, which then allows you some control over how the dream progresses. Typically, lucid dreams are triggered by some sort of inconsistency that […]

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China Shuts Down Factories to Fight Air Pollution
NASA Says These Houseplants Can Improve Your Health
Zero Motorcycles: 200 Miles on One-Hour Charge
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