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Plans Unveiled for Unbelievable Skyscraper That Hangs From Orbiting Asteroid

Guess what? A New York architecture firm has unveiled its plans for an incredible skyscraper that hangs from an orbiting asteroid. The brains behind this terrific skyscraper are Clouds Architecture Office, which is also the brains behind the proposals for a Mars house and a cloud city. The out-of-this-world building would be so big that […]

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New, Cheap Material Replicates Photosynthesis to Generate Clean Air and Clean Energy
Wim Hof: The Man, the Myth, the Mind
See Some Amazing Images Sent by Cassini’s Dive Through Saturn’s Rings
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Atomic Nanoscale: Fabricating at One Billionth of a Meter

Physicists say “everything gets funny” at the atomic level. Light interacts with matter in strange but interesting ways, energy transport and conversion affect electrons, molecules, and photons in new ways, and friction and wear are different on the nanoscale. Researchers are now studying how nanoparticles act in “gas phase,” how atomic force microscopy works in […]

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18-Year-Old Indian Student Designs World’s Lightest Satellite That Weighs Only 64 Grams
U.K. Testing Cheaper and Longer-Lasting Roads Made From Recycled Plastics
This Artificial Womb Helps Premature Lamb Fetuses Grow Outside the Womb, Might Be Used on Humans
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