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Cartilage-Like Hydrogel Could Make Knee Repairs Easier

Researchers at Duke University, located in the US state of North Carolina, have created a new cartilage-like hydrogel material which may make the task of knee replacement much easier and cheaper. Since the material is 3D printable, it can be made to exactly match a patient’s anatomy. The human knee is one of the largest […]

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Bioengineered Nanomaterials Diagnose, Treat Nasty New Diseases
This Insect Can Actually Eat Plastic Waste
Review Of New Documentary On Nuclear Fusion Research
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The Gorgeous, Eco-Friendly Hemp House Pulls CO2 From the Air!

As per estimates by the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings account for thirty-eight percent of the CO2 emissions in the U.S. Considering the requirement of carbon neutral building material, U.K.-based Lhoist Group has created Hemcrete®, a bio-composite, thermal walling material made from hemp, lime, and water. Recently, construction of America’s first hemp house was completed […]

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Martian Soil Can Be Turned Into Bricks Stronger Than Steel-Reinforced Concrete
How Computer Culture & AI Might Influence Democracy
Master Micromedia Strategy and Thrive in Today’s Wild, Wild West
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