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Boeing’s New Starliner Spacesuits for NASA Look Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Flick

Boeing’s new Starliner spacesuits look simple, yet modern. In fact, they look exactly like what someone ten years ago would have envisioned when making a science fiction film about 2017. Love or hate the new spacesuits, they are built for one essential function: “The most important part is that the suit will keep you alive,” […]

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Chevrolet Debuts Life-Sized Lego Batmobile Featuring More Than 300,000 Bricks
The Future of Manila Depends on Land Reclamation Project
Sensor Based Planning for Consumer Products & Manufacturing
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Computer Science at the Core of Most Problems & Solutions

The Complexity & Importance of Computer Science According to, the areas listed below are a key part of computer science. These are advanced areas that people concentrate in after years of studying the fundamentals, preferably in K-12 schools onward. And these areas are at the heart of the modern world. These are the indispensable […]

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The World’s Largest Market for Robots & Mechanical Helpers
4 Ways Your Business Can Leverage Sustainable Technology In 2017
Viewing Megacities as Living Organisms in the Urban Century
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