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China’s Lucky Knot Bridge Stretches Over a Highway and the Dragon King Harbor River

Next Architects are known for their outlandish designs, the latest being the Lucky Knot Bridge in Changsha, China. Featuring three bridges woven into one, the steel bridge was recently completed at the end of last year. Incredibly, the Lucky Knot Bridge spans over a highway and sits 78 feet above the Dragon King Harbor River […]

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The World Needs Nuclear Fusion Energy Breakthrough or Else
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Underwater Drones Enabling the Comprehensive Study of the World’s Oceans

One of the great ironies of science and exploration is that humans have visited and explored the moon and Mars but have left 95% of the oceans as a complete mystery. This is changing as swarms of undersea drones will now permit the low-cost hunt for information and treasures that the ocean holds. One of […]

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Boeing Acquires Liquid Robotics to Expand Maritime Offerings
New Tools for Engineering & Construction Project Management
Future Shock: 10 Million Jobs Lost to AI & Robots by 2020
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