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Bored of Living on Earth? Try Asgardia, the First “Space Nation”

A team from the Aerospace International Research Center (AIRC) has announced the plan to send up a satellite in 2017 and build a new country called Asgardia, named after a city in Norse mythology. This project aims at creating a protective shield for humankind by defending the Earth from asteroids, dangerous meteorites, space debris, and […]

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Sundrop Farms in the Australian Desert Grows 17,000 Metric Tons of Vegetables with Nothing But Sun and Seawater
Tesla Releases New Hardware Enabling Their Fully-Autonomous Vehicles to Park Themselves
Scientists Have Developed the World’s Smallest Transistor Which is Just One Nanometer Long
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Mystery Space Plane, the X-37B, Has Been Orbiting Earth for 500 Days

For the fourth top secret mission, the US military launched the robotic X-37B space plane into Earth’s orbit on May 20, 2015. Now after more than 500 days, this solar powered, unmanned drone is still roaming in the Earth’s orbit, but we still have no clue why it is there, what it can do, or […]

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RoChair Utilizes a Natural Backwards Rowing Motion in Order to Move Forward
Air Force Top Gun Loses to Combat Artificial Intelligence
New Intelligent Nanomaterials Creating Tougher Bikes, Satellites, Spacecraft
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