RoChair Utilizes a Natural Backwards Rowing Motion in Order to Move Forward

By: | October 22nd, 2016


The RoChair is taking a whole new approach to the way traditional wheelchairs are designed.

Unlike what we’re used to seeing, the RoChair utilizes an unorthodox center-mounted drive lever that the user operates with a rowing motion, pushing the wheels backwards, in order to ultimately move forward.

Rota Mobility Inc. isn’t looking to make operating a wheelchair tougher with their design; rather the RoChair actually encourages you to use stronger muscles in your arms and shoulders by way of the rowing motion.

It takes 25 percent less effort than a normal wheelchair and in the end lowers your chances of sustaining an injury.

The hub of the RoChair can be retrofitted to almost any existing wheelchair, however at $2,100 you might just consider pushing the wheels forward like you have for years and just hope to avoid any potentially serious injury.

Rota Mobility Inc.

Rota Mobility Inc.

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