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Null Stern Hotel ‘Room’ In The Swiss Alps Is Just a Bed In The Middle of Nowhere

There are all kinds of crazy hotel rooms these days, even one that is underwater and surrounded by sharks. One of the latest getaway rooms to garner attention isn’t really a “room” at all. In fact, it is referred to as an open-air hotel, called Null Stern, and is essentially a bed in the middle […]

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Ceilume’s Stylish Ceiling Satisfies Both Health and Fire Codes For Nestlé Toll House Café
Everything You Need to Know About the Apple iPhone 7 Event In 2 Minutes
Evolving Tactile Intelligence Technology to Give Robots “Hands On Learning” Capability
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Scientists Crack Solar Thermal Efficiency of 97% – A World Record

Researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) have created the world’s most efficient solar thermal installation. Grid-scale renewable energy generation moves closer to commercial reality Their efforts will help renewable energy compete with the electricity generated from conventional sources. The ANU team has redesigned the system’s receiver for a solar concentrator dish. They have used a […]

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Will Telomerase Research Overcome Cellular Senescence, Extend Life?
Baidu Receives Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles
Forza Horizon 3 the First Game to Feature the Warthog Outside of Halo
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