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Skydiver Luke Aikins Freefalls 25,000 Feet Into Net Without a Parachute

Luke Aikins is a well known, world-renowned skydiver, but his latest stunt is the stuff of legend. Having been a stuntman in Iron Man 3 and acting as a safety and training advisor for the United States Parachute Association, Aikins is well respected in the skydiving community. However, 99.9% of skydivers use a parachute when […]

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This Tiny Ingestible Robot ‘Can Patch Wounds, Remove Foreign Objects, and Deliver Drugs’
Hyperloop One Has Started Manufacturing Parts For a Full-Scale Prototype
Discovery of the Brain’s Hidden Lymphatic Vessels Will Prompt a Rewrite of Textbooks
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Norway is Going to Build World’s First Floating Underwater Tunnels

Norway is a beautiful country with tall mountains, glaciers, and deep fjords. But getting from one place to another often requires lengthy journeys. Most people have to use ferries to get from one place to another. These ferries are not only slow but are also subject to weather conditions. To cope with this problem, Norway […]

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MIT Researcher Creates Solar Cells Out of Grass Clippings
Radiation Levels in the Pacific Ocean Reach Pre-Fukushima Level
$2 Trillion/Year Global Weapons Industry is Big Business
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