Skydiver Luke Aikins Freefalls 25,000 Feet Into Net Without a Parachute

By: | August 1st, 2016

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Luke Aikins is a well known, world-renowned skydiver, but his latest stunt is the stuff of legend.

Having been a stuntman in Iron Man 3 and acting as a safety and training advisor for the United States Parachute Association, Aikins is well respected in the skydiving community.

However, 99.9% of skydivers use a parachute when soaring through the skies.

Last week, Aikins became the first person ever to jump out of a plane without a wingsuit or parachute and survive the free fall/landing, thanks to a well-constructed safety net some 25,000 feet below.

After jumping out of the plane at 25,000 feet, Aikins soared down to the 10,000 square foot safety net that would ultimately save his life and help him successfully complete the epic stunt.

Impressively, Aikins utilized a GPS on his way down to land squarely in the net which was located in the California desert.


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