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Fastest-Accelerating Electric Car in the World Goes 0 to 60 MPH in 1.513 Seconds

A small electric car by the name of “grimsel,” created by a team of 30 students from the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ), has officially set a world record. The vehicle officially set the world record for the fastest-accelerating electric car by going 0 to 60 miles per hour in a blazing 1.513 seconds on […]

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Nissan Sportscar Races GT-R Drone Capable of Going 0 to 60 MPH in 1.3 Seconds
From Trash to Treasure: Scientists Turn Plastic Bottles and Bags Into Liquid Fuel
This Badminton-Playing Robot is So Good You’ll Get Tired of Playing Against It
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53,000 Megapixel Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge is Actually a Promo for Bentley

Companies are getting more and more savvy with their marketing campaigns, with the latest example being a 53,000 megapixel photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It looks merely like a nice picture until you zoom way in on the picture and notice a slick Bentley Mulsanne cruising along the bridge. I mean […]

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The World’s Biggest Nerf Gun Features a 3000 PSI Paintball Tank & Shoots Darts 40 MPH
Colin Furze’s Latest Gadget is DIY X-Men Ice Man Liquid Nitrogen Blasters
Germany to Ban Gasoline and Diesel Powered Cars By 2030, Support Electric Vehicles Instead
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