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Saab Rolls Out New Gripen E Smart Fighter

Saab, the Swedish aerospace and defense company, unveiled the latest version of its multi-role smart fighter on May 18th. The Gripen E prototype 39-8, the next generation “smart fighter,” is equipped with an updated radar system, electronic warfare systems, and a stronger engine. The E fighter is being offered to countries which are not yet cleared to […]

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Better Boiling & Cooling Processes Improve Power Plant Thermal Efficiency, Safety
Daydream VR From Google Releases Two of Its Game Concepts and Prototypes
A Simple Test Can Predict Whether Coma Patients Will Wake Up With 94% Accuracy
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Injured in a Bush Fire, Tortoise Gets World’s First 3D Printed Shell

Developments and improvements in the process and the materials in the field of 3D printing have taken up applications in different sectors. 3D printing industry applications range from aerospace design to health care. However, one application that will put a smile on your face is helping injured animals. A team of doctors in Sao Paulo has […]

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New Renewables Grid to Help Cut US CO2 Emissions by 78% by 2030
This Futuristic Elevated Bus Will Glide Over Traffic Jams
Thomas Thwaites Becomes a Goat to Lead a Simple, Stress-Free Life
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