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Say What? This Retractable Sauna Will Literally Extend Out of Your Wall

German company Klafs created one of the greatest things I’ve seen this year… A retractable sauna, called the Sauna S1, which can extend out of your home or apartment wall. Featuring a heater, steam, air filtration system, and a digital thermostat, the retractable sauna is only 24-inches deep when not being used. However, in merely […]

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Fathom Neural Compute Stick: World’s First Deep Learning Acceleration Module
The Shanghai Tower Will Soon Feature the World’s Fastest Elevator at 45 MPH
Hypersonic Missiles Could Make Some US Defense Systems Obsolete
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Nike’s Microclimate Chair From Greg Lynn Keeps Athlete’s Muscles at Optimal Temperature

Nike has collaborated with architect Greg Lynn to develop a microclimate chair for athletes to use during or after games. The sleek-looking microclimate chair utilizes 70 embedded Peltier thermoelectric pads, which heat up or cool down to meet the desired temperature or electrical charge. Obviously, for athletes it is imperative they take care of their […]

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Budweiser, Self-Proclaimed King of Beers, Will Now Be Referred to as America
The PodRide is a Four-Wheeled Bicycle-Car Hybrid With a Cloth Exterior
Forget Wearable Electronics… Samsung Brazil Introduces a Galaxy Surfboard
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