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Female Russian Soldier Walks Across a Minefield to Test an Explosion Proof Suit

Have you ever seen anyone walking through a field of fire? No, I am not talking about any action movie but in reality! Watch this video… I got goosebumps when I did. In the video, which was filmed at the Central Research Institute of Machine Building and shared by Russian Deputy Minister and Head of Defence […]

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“SignAloud” Gloves Can Convert Sign Language Into Spoken English
World’s Tiniest Thermometer is 20,000 Times Smaller Than a Human Hair and is Made of Actual DNA
Tesla’s Latest Software Update Easter Egg Is a Rainbow Charge Port
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UC Berkeley Researchers Create Robotic Cockroaches Capable of Working Together

The ICRA 2016 publication official title for the robots you see above is “Step Climbing Cooperation Primitives for Legged Robots with a Reversible Connection.” However, I prefer robotic cockroaches which are capable of working together. Something about putting it in layman’s terms makes the robotic cockroaches easier to picture in your head. Researchers from UC […]

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The Furbo Lets You Spy on Your Dogs and Throw Them Treats While You’re Away
Scientists Grow Sperm From Skin Cells
Self-Driving Cabs From GM and Lyft to Begin Testing Before the End of 2017
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