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Daniel Valle’s Water Pavilion Lets Visitors Walk on the Ocean

Madrid-based architect Daniel Valle created this architectural marvel for the Yeosu EXPO 2012 in South Korea. He explored various water principles to translate them into an architectural experience that allows you to walk into the ocean. This breathtaking water pavilion brings attention to changing sea levels. The water pavilion can be submerged or emerged above the sea […]

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Scientists Have Figured Out How to Store Digital Images in DNA and Retrieve Them Perfectly
Japan is Designing an Invisible Train Which is Going to Roll Out in 2018
Smart Scalpel Can Detect Cancerous Tumors, Making Risky Brain Surgery Safer
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Watch Damien Walters Blindly Backflip Over a Moving Formula E Race Car

Formula E as a whole continues to impress, both on and off the track. So far, not only has the actual racing from the series been incredible to watch, the marketing has been superb. Recently, Formula E released awesome 360° highlights and now they give us a video of stuntman Damien Walters performing a blind […]

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Graphene Solar Panels Generate Power Even When It Rains
New Devices and Technology Aim to Bring in a Younger Casino Audience
UFO Fanatics Spot Futuristic Structures in Egypt
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