Daniel Valle’s Water Pavilion Lets Visitors Walk on the Ocean

By: | April 18th, 2016

Madrid-based architect Daniel Valle created this architectural marvel for the Yeosu EXPO 2012 in South Korea. He explored various water principles to translate them into an architectural experience that allows you to walk into the ocean.

This breathtaking water pavilion brings attention to changing sea levels. The water pavilion can be submerged or emerged above the sea level as a submarine.

When the pavilion is entirely underwater, it has few entrances to allow visitors to access the pavilion. But when the pavilion is raised to float above the sea level, it accommodates larger events on the roof deck. Visitors can walk over the platform in an experience that feels like walking into the sea.

The design of this deliberately unstable water Pavilion defines the state of balance between dry and wet. The purpose is to highlight the risk that coastal areas around the world face due to rising sea levels as a consequence of global warming.

The pavilion also has a water purification system that converts saltwater to freshwater. It has an efficient cooling and insulation water system, minimizing energy consumption. Solar panels and micro turbines meet the energy demand of the pavilion.

Since the pavilion has the flexibility of a ship, it can travel to other regions after the expo.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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