New Devices and Technology Aim to Bring in a Younger Casino Audience

By: | April 19th, 2016

Nowadays, kids are all about that hot new tech. For better or worse, whether it is a new Android device, a new wearable, or the latest iteration of tablet devices that are popular everywhere, a primary way the youth interact with the world is through this gadgetry. Some twenty-five years ago, the technology we have today would have been practically indistinguishable from magic, and yet here we are with computers in our pockets that are many times more powerful than the ones that put humans on the moon. From that perspective, perhaps it is no surprise how much mobile devices have captured the public’s imagination, especially the minds of the generation born into it.

With that backdrop in mind, let us take a look at some ways that casino companies are looking to expand the gambling experience beyond the showroom floor, right into the pockets of today’s youth.

Slot Machines are Becoming Obsolete

To today’s young’uns, slot machines just do not have the same appeal as they might for the older guard. That is in part because, to so many kids who grew up with interactive tech in their pockets, it is much more limited in functionality. On a computer, children are taught to multitask and are overwhelmed with sensory overload. On a slot machine, the appeal of the sounds and lights just do not hold the same attention span. The level of interaction is limited to choosing your settings, choosing your lines, and then pulling a lever. This fact, coupled with the number of games that offer a variety of themes and skins online, available right now from your favourite app store, puts a dent in the traditional casino strategy of attracting customers to the show floor while opening up a new way to market to customers.

Devices are Exploding in Ubiquity

Nowadays in the western world, it seems like everyone and their mother has a cell phone. That latter point is important; before infants can yet conceive of what is around them, they are playing around on their parents’ devices. Technology – specifically, mobile devices and computers – are a second native language to them.

Casino Apps are Easy Ways to get New Customers

Because these devices are everywhere, the platform for a proliferation of apps is the perfect way to get new customers. Users can shop online for tons of free-to-play models that have worked for other traditional genres, and gamers, while initially cold towards the idea of micro transactions, have warmed up to it becoming the norm. There are dozens upon dozens of ways to play traditional games over the internet like poker, roulette, and online bingo such as

A Wide Open Future

There will be new and exciting ways to showcase traditional casino floor games with amazing technology. Virtual reality is the next big thing, and you can bet people will turn to that to simulate what it’s like playing in real life with people. Esports is exploding in popularity as well, and could have room for electronic casino games.

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