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Amphibious Architecture: Floating Seawall Harvests Waves, Protects Property

UNSECO’s Flood Resilience Group (FRG) is charged with studying and making recommendations about flood risk management worldwide. The group studies previous and ongoing flooding events, such as Fukushima, to glean scientific knowledge and practical approaches to flood resilience in vulnerable areas. The country with the most experience in flood management over the centuries is The […]

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World’s Largest Ever Blue Diamond Going Up For Auction In Geneva
What Will Cities Look Like, Be Like in 2050?
Tsunami Detection & Early Warning With Deep Ocean Sound Waves
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Carbon Nanotubes Convert Light Directly Into DC Current

When you listen to a radio, sometimes you have to adjust your antenna to improve the signal. An “Optical Rectenna” is an antenna that processes light energy from the sun, converting it to DC current. In a recent article in PHYS.ORG, “Rectenna Converts Light to DC Current,” researchers at Georgia Tech, studying for the past six years, […]

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Artificial Intelligence Program Writes Short Story That Passes First Round of Japan Literary Competition
NASA’s Tiny Methane Gas Sensor Designed For Mars Will Go to Work on Earth
Bill Gates is Financing a Next-Generation Waterless Toilet That Transforms Human Waste into Bio-Fuel
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