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4Front Robotics Drones Designed for Complex Civil Applications

Not all drone manufacturers are created equal. A drone manufacturing company shows its quality by the partners and clients it keeps. 4Front Robotics, headquartered in Calgary, Canada, has created UAVs and UVGs for forestry, agriculture, fire, surveillance, and complex environments. 4Front Robotics, aptly named due to its innovative flair, creates UAVs and UVGs that: Are portable and highly […]

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Researchers From Harvard Create New Shape-Shifting Material
“Farmer in the Dell” Takes Drone Enabled Precision Agriculture
Hoverboard Review: AlienBoard™ BatWings With Bluetooth Speaker
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Low Cost Passive Solar Edging Forward

Today, Germans lead the world in building houses that can produce more energy than they consume. But getting other large countries to do the same will take more time. Many countries are dealing with legacy energy systems including coal power plants which have the backing of moneyed and political interests which puts a break on […]

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How To: Transform a Tin Can Into an Inexpensive Cheese Grater
Worker Bee “Platform as a Service” Makes Dirty, Dangerous & Dull Work Safer
This is Why There’s a Bump on F and J on Your Keyboard
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