Worker Bee “Platform as a Service” Makes Dirty, Dangerous & Dull Work Safer

By: | March 14th, 2016

Apellix Worker Bee - cleaning tall buildings

Apellix Worker Bee – cleaning tall buildings (Image Courtesy

Ninety-four people have died in accidents related to climbing industrial towers over the past 10 years. Until now, there hasn’t been a reliable way to protect workers from these types of accidents.

Most industrial companies are well aware of safety issues related to activities like coating, painting, cleaning, and maintenance of large industrial infrastructures such as bridges, oil and gas manufacturing facilities, skyscrapers, ships, water towers, and more. Too often these activities run into human error which leads to safety issues, lower productivity, higher costs, higher labor expenses, and human injury or death.

Apellix Worker Bee Construction Safety

Apellix Worker Bee Construction Safety (Image Courtesy

Offering Safer Working Platforms, Environments

Apellix, a robotics company, has developed a “Platform-as-a-Service” for industrial workplaces where some jobs are too dangerous for humans. The company has developed the “Worker Bee” robotics platform, a system that keeps human workers out of harm’s way. Elements of the platform include a mobile base station, an umbilical cord and tether, and autonomous drone and proprietary software that coordinates these elements.

Last year, Apellix won the SUP-X award which is the high point of a two-day international conference and expo that attracts more than 1500 startups and early-stage companies, and angel and VC investors. Apellix was chosen from hundreds of online applications and rose to the top of a group of 50 semi-finalists to win $50,000 in cash.

The following video explains Apellix and using industrial robotics, drones, and umbilical systems.

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