Hoverboard Review: AlienBoard™ BatWings With Bluetooth Speaker

By: | March 16th, 2016

The kind folks over at Alienwheels Hoverboard recently sent me a BatWings Self Balancing Scooter to review.

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first, because like so many others I have seen videos of people riding hoverboards on the internet, yet never actually seen one in person, let alone tried one myself.

However, let me stop for one moment to explain what a hoverboard is…

As Young Thug so gracefully illustrates below, a hoverboard doesn’t actually hover, yet according to data from AlienWheels, 9 out of 10 people call the device a hoverboard, while some prefer to use the name smart balance wheel.

In my opinion, the best way to define the device is probably using the term “mini Segway,” but for the sake of the review, I’ll go with hoverboard.

I received a Black Hoverboard with Bluetooth, which comes in a box like you see below. Immediately, you notice how heavy the board is, which makes you feel a bit safer and more comfortable when trying it out for the first time.

The last thing I would want is to receive some light piece of plastic I’m about to trust to carry my weight around, but honestly this hoverboard was the complete opposite and feels extremely sturdy under your feet.

Mine came ready to ride right out of the box, however you do need to charge it when the board’s light starts blinking which only takes about 1 and a half to two hours for a full charge.

Before the hoverboard arrived, I read that it takes about 20 minutes to get used to before you really understand how the balance/moving combination works.

Honestly, it only took me about 10 minutes to feel good about what I was doing before I took it out in the neighborhood and started cruising the streets.

You simply press the power button, step on one foot after the other, and start riding. It really is that simple and once you get the hang of it, let me tell you…

It’s fun as hell!

Not to mention, you can do a lot of cool stuff with a hoverboard like partake in intense Dragon Ball Z cosplay and ride around Taipei.

The coolest thing about the BatWings model I received is the fact that it comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, so not only is riding the hoverboard a blast, you can literally blast music at the same time. I paired mine up to Spotify, and it was ready to rock and roll in seconds.

I would try to explain turning and all that, but you almost have to try it yourself to get the full effect. The video below does a good job showing how to best maneuever around on the board, which I would say is best done by using the mantra “less is more.”

I give the BatWings Hoverboard from AlienWheels a 10/10! Not only does it make you feel like a kid again, but it is truly an awesome way to get around. One of my buddies who tried mine out is already planning on buying himself one to commute to his job after he parks in the busy city where he works.

As addicting and enjoyable as riding the hoverboard is, it definitely has practical transportation uses for those in a similar situation as my friend.

For a limited time only, Industry Tap readers can get a discount by mentioning “IndustryTap” for $100 off the AlienBoard B1 and $200 off the AlienBoard Batwings model. Be sure to apply the coupon code through the official AlienWheels website.

Lastly, have fun hoverboarding and most importantly, always practice safety first!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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