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This New Amusement Park is 20 Stories Underground

Amusement parks and “spectacular” often come together. If they don’t, the amusement park may not be in business very long. Amusement Parks as Distant Memories The world is strewn with old, abandoned amusement parks that used to rake in visitors and money but soon the visitors stopped coming. We all remember an amusement park from […]

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Scientists Create Flexible Device Capable of Providing Sweat Analytics in Real-Time
Britain’s First Amphibious House is Designed to Escape Flooding
France to Pave 621 Miles (1,000 km) of Roadway with Ultra Thin Solar Panels
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Netherlands and Guard From Above Training Eagles to Safely Take Down Drones

Dutch police are collaborating with a raptor training company named Guard From Above in an attempt to train eagles to take down rogue drones. Honestly, it’s a pretty genius idea to train birds of prey for such a thing versus having some idiot with a gun going “drone hunting.” While testing is still ongoing to […]

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No More Needles – Painless Electric Current to Replace Dentist’s Needles
Ziplines Growing in Length, Popularity Around the World
Thristy Permeable Concrete Protects Drivers During Heavy Rains
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