Scientists Create Flexible Device Capable of Providing Sweat Analytics in Real-Time

By: | February 6th, 2016

YouTube/The Verge (R. Makasdjian & S. McNally

Wearable tech is starting to take off, especially within the health and fitness industry.

Scientists at Stanford University and the University of California–Berkeley have been determined to develop a device capable of tracking what’s secreted from sweat glands during a workout, versus simply a device that counts steps and heart rate like Fitbit does.

The team of scientists has created a new flexible device, which is actually a circuit board, capable of providing sweat analytics in real-time, meaning you could wear the device in your headband and know your hydration levels and muscle fatigue as you run or lift weights.

Obviously, this device could play a major role in tracking athletes by measuring the metabolites and electrolytes they are secreting to get real-time feedback from their sweat throughout a workout.

At the moment, the device needs to be placed inside a headband to work, so I’d imagine the public would be less than enthusiastic to have to wear headbands every time they want to hit up the local gym.

On the other hand, many are suggesting this is just the beginning, and that the device itself will eventually end up in a smartwatch or something similar that is much more practical.

The technology is awesome, but the application at the moment, not so much.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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