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Tapping Virtually Inexhaustible Biomass Power

In the beginning, humans used solids, especially wood and grass, as their main fuel sources. Over the centuries, industrialization has led to a variety of liquid fuels derived from oil, including kerosene, gasoline, and other derivatives. But with dwindling petroleum reserves, biofuel engineers are beginning to use solid fuels derived from wood, plants, grasses, algae, […]

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Measuring the Environmental & Economic Impact of Climate Change
Hacking Brain Disorders Using Neural Implants
This Smart Suitcase From NUA Robotics Follows You Around Like a Dog
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Bobbing Forest of Trees in Buoys to Add Nature to Rotterdam’s Industrial Waterfront

In March, Rotterdam’s industrial waterfront will receive a “bobbing forest” installation called Dobberend Bos, designed to bring a bit of nature to the city’s harbor. Dobberend Bos, which literally means bobbing forest in Dutch, will essentially be 20 trees planted in colorful buoys that will float in the harbor. The main goal behind the idea […]

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A Tesla Will Drive Itself Across the USA By 2018 According to Elon Musk
Microsoft is Developing Its Own SIM Cards For Cellular Data Access Without a Contract
Bye Bye Stethoscope…Doctors Making the Switch to Other Devices
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