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World’s Largest Hybrid Aircraft, ‘Airlander,’ Might Change Air Travel Forever

While the concept has been around for over 100 years, the idea of airships never took off after the German passenger airship Hindenburg disaster in New Jersey in 1937. But in the latest attempt to revive airships as a practical means of transport, British design company Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) hopes to have airships back in […]

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US Passes New Moon Exploration, Mining & Harvesting Bill
BlackNet is a Temporary Fix For All Those Netless Basketball Goals Out There
New Clear Glass Nearly as Strong, Tough as Steel
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This Tiny Piece of Circuitry Can Wirelessly Fool Magnetic Stripe Readers

The tiny piece of circuitry in the picture above, developed by Samy Kamkar, can wirelessly fool magnetic stripe readers into thinking you’ve swiped your card. The device, called the MagSpoof, works by generating hefty magnetic fields that mimic the data held on it, developed “to store all of your credit cards and magstripes in one […]

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Toyota’s Smart Mobility Challenge & Onramp 2015 Fostering Innovation
Intel Introduces Newest Quark Microprocessor for IoT Devices
You Can Now Watch Streaming Amazon Prime In-Flight Aboard JetBlue
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