New Clear Glass Nearly as Strong, Tough as Steel

By: | November 27th, 2015

Strong & Optically Clear Glass

In some instances glass is already stronger than steel. For example, when pure loads are placed on top of glass that is perfectly smooth with no internal defects, glass is stronger and more durable than steel. In other situations glass will shatter while steel will bend but not break.

Scientists at Tokyo University’s Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) have developed a new production method to a new type of glass stronger than most metals and nearly as strong as steel. The team put the new glass under a variety of strength and elasticity tests and it proved twice as strong as regular oxide glass.

The new glass is 50% alumina aka aluminum oxide which is distributed evenly throughout the glass using a laser. According to Young’s Modulus, an indicator of rigidity in solids, the new glass could lead to super strong glass and new generations of windows for buildings and vehicles.

The following video shows the glass bottom bridge in China and points to the types of structures and applications new stronger glass will provide in future.

David Russell Schilling

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