Toyota’s Smart Mobility Challenge & Onramp 2015 Fostering Innovation

By: | November 26th, 2015

Toyota i-Road Smart Mobility Challenge

Toyota i-Road Smart Mobility Challenge (Image Courtesy

IndustryTap has reported on the likelihood that some well known multinational auto manufacturers may not make it through the next couple of decades. In Ann Arbor Michigan to Become Home to America’s First Driverless Vehicle Fleet US car companies are clearly doing their best to stay ahead of the technology curve but with decades of myopic management in the record books can they rise to the occasion?

Future automobiles, including driverless and traditional, will require sophisticated software to make them work with new sensors and operating systems. Without an unlimited supply to talented software engineers, some auto manufacturers will fall behind when the most talented people flock to companies like Google and perhaps Toyota who have a better track record of visionary insight and execution.

Smart Mobility Challenge

A case in point is the recent announcement of Toyota’s $1.5 billion investment in Silicon Valley and its Smart Mobility Challenge, Onramp and other automobile focused initiatives.

Toyota recently brought together leaders in smart mobility finance, automobile design, engineering and urban planning as well as its own leaders. During the event attendees enjoyed test driving the Mirai and the i-Road, two new car designs that are based on advanced thinking and innovation.

Following is a video of a test drive of the Tokyota i-Road.

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