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Dutch Electric Trains Looking to Run Entirely on Energy Produced by Wind Farms

The Netherlands is eager to revolutionize the world’s electric rail system by first changing the way they do things in their own country. In a nutshell, the plan is for all Dutch electric trains to run 100% off of energy produced by wind farms by 2018. Dutch energy company Eneco and the VIVENS rail companies […]

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3D Printed Food Could Transform the Way We Eat, Forever!
MIT SOFT Rockers: Solar-Powered Loungers That Charge Your Gadgets While You Relax
Boeing Patents an Amphibious Drone
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Smart Drug Modafinil Can Turn You Into Einstein!

People use supplements to enhance their physical performance, but what about the brain? Most of us wish that we could have an easy fix like popping a cognitive enhancement pill to boost brain performance before a test or a job interview. Well, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford has found a […]

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3D-Printed Scale Model of a Boeing 787’s GE-Built Turbofan Jet Engine
MVPs: Mobile Virtual Players Reduce Injuries, Improve Football Skills
Amphibious Weed-Cutting Tank-Like Boat is a Thing to Behold
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