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IKO Arm is a Lego-Prosthetic Arm for Kids That Makes Missing a Limb Cool!

Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar of Umeå University in Sweden has come up with one of the greatest ideas in child prosthetics I can remember. Essentially, he designed a prosthetic arm that’s compatible with Lego, so kids can create their own custom creations off of their prosthetic. Not only is it cool for the kids and […]

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Transparent Aluminum Armor Provides More Protection Than Bulletproof Glass!
With a Lubricant Output Pressure of 350psi, MEMOLUB Helps Reduce Lubrication Costs!
Check Out the Largest Ever 3D Map of Our Galaxy’s Cosmic Dust
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Boeing’s New Laser Nuclear Fusion Powered Aircraft

First Tests Expected by 2027 IndustryTap touched on fusion-powered aircraft in “The Birth of Atomic Powered Aircraft,” including the Convair NB-36H created by the US National Test Aircraft (NTA) program from the 1950s and its eventual mothballing as resources were reshuffled to help the US compete with the Soviets in the space race. The furthest […]

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The Most Expensive Jet in History, the F-35, Was Just Outperformed by an Old 1970s Jet
Otto Dieffenbach’s Latest Project is a Flying R2-D2 From Star Wars
Watch an 11 Year Time-Lapse of the Mars Opportunity Rover Covering 26.2 Miles
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