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A 68-Story Beyoncé Skyscraper is Being Built in Melbourne’s Central Business District!

Just when you thought this world couldn’t get any weirder and Beyoncé any more popular, she gets her own skyscrapers inspired by her likeness. The new 68-story Beyoncé skyscraper will be constructed in the central business district of Melbourne, Australia and the craziest part about the whole thing is… The structure moves! The Australian architecture […]

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Black and White Video Shows You How to Turn Rice Into Sake!
No More Needles for Diabetic Patients… Smart Insulin Patch Could Replace Injections
Brilliant Chicago Teen Finds Cure for Colon Cancer
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UK-based Steeper Group Developed Prosthetic Hand With Unrivaled Precision and Movements

The bebionic small hand, developed by prosthetic experts Steeper Group, marks a turning point in the field of prosthetics. Developed using F1 race car techniques and military technology, along with rare Earth magnets, it provides an accurate skeletal system and natural movements. This amazing prosthetic hand will enable amputees to do the actions that would […]

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Plant Based ‘VetiGel’ Stops Bleeding Instantly!
Hydrogen-Powered Toyota Mirai Gets 312 Miles On a Tank, But What About Refill Stations?
Backward Brain Bicycle Illustrates Ingrained Human Biases, Habits
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