Hydrogen-Powered Toyota Mirai Gets 312 Miles On a Tank, But What About Refill Stations?

By: | July 5th, 2015

YouTube/Toyota Global Newsroom

According to Toyota, the company’s new hydrogen-powered Mirai can rumble approximately 312 miles on a single tank.

The vehicle, which is set to go on sale later this year in the United States, can go further than any zero-emission vehicle on the market — including the Tesla Model S.


The 312-mile range is not nearly as exciting when you realize hydrogen refill stations don’t exactly grow on trees. If people have range anxiety with electric vehicles, it will only get worse with a hydrogen-powered car since refill stations are few are far between.

The hydrogen-powered Mirai will go on sale first in California, where work on a small network of stations is underway, followed by the Northeast.

Toyota announced that the Mirai will achieve an EPA combined 67 MPGe, 20 or more equivalent miles per gallon short of the Model S and even further away from the Ford Focus Electric’s 110 MPGe.

If you aren’t too concerned about refills, Toyota is offering up to $15,000 worth of free fill-ups to these early adopters.

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Michael Cooney

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