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Watch 2 Pro Golfers Play a Makeshift, Moving Golf Course on the Back of 5 Caterpillar Machines

Caterpillar is known for pulling off some crazy stunts, for example, the massive Jenga game that was played by the company’s machines with 600-pound blocks! This time, Caterpillar might have outdone themselves by creating a mobile, makeshift golf course on the back of 5 of its machines. The idea itself it awesome to think about, […]

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Technology is an Amazing Thing… New Scalevo Wheelchair Makes Scaling Staircases Look Easy!
RUD’s Tecdos Tool Mover Securely Handles Injection Moulding While Lowering Risks and Minimizing Damages
Russia’s New Electronic Warfare Device Can Render Drones Incapable From 6 Miles Away
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$10,000 18k Gold Apple Watch Smashed By 2 Neodymium Magnets With 650 Pounds of Force!

Watching videos of expensive electronics being destroyed never seems to get old, whether the destruction takes place in a blender or by way of magnet annihilation. Recently, the folks from the YouTube channel TechRax decided it would be a good idea to place a $10,000 gold-plated Apple Watch between two neodymium magnets with 650 pounds of […]

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Soyuz Space Capsule Redefines the Definition of ‘Soft Landing’ By Crashing Into Kazakstan
This is the First Artificial Leg that Allows Patients to ‘Feel’ the Ground Beneath Them!
Elon Musk Wasn’t Lying… SpaceX Just Announced a Student Hyperloop Pod Racer Competition
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