RUD’s Tecdos Tool Mover Securely Handles Injection Moulding While Lowering Risks and Minimizing Damages

By: | June 16th, 2015

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Are you or your company constantly having to handle heavy and sensitive injection moulding tools, yet can’t seem to prevent damage to crane breaks, rope, and floors when it comes to moving or tilting these massive objects?

Not only are the damages getting out of hand in the industry, the increased risk of operator/employee injury has skyrocketed, prompting RUD Chain to do something about the problem at hand.

The Tecdos Tool Mover is one of RUD Chain’s latest innovations, a manipulation device, or upender, for the safe turning and tilting of heavy equipment, such as plastic injection moulding tools.

Employee safety should always be the top priority of any company so a product like the Tecdos Tool Mover, capable of ensuring the safety of workers while also providing its unmatched heavy lifting capabilities, makes it an industry favorite.

Recently introduced to the North American market, RUD’s Tool Mover easily tilts and turns heavy and awkward dies, molds, and tools, or other large apparatuses.

As a result, injection moulding tools are being moved more safely and securely than ever before, leading to reduced costs pertaining to damaged tools in addition to a more risk-free environment for operators.

Why Should You Trust RUD?

RUD Chain has been manufacturing high-quality chains and chain products for applications in mechanical engineering, hoisting, conveying, and drive systems for almost 140 years.

If that isn’t enough, it is also worth noting that RUD is ISO9001 certified and widely known for its expertise in heat treatment and technology.

More About the Tecdos Tool Mover and How It Works:

The Tool Mover was specifically designed for optimal safety and turns a load at the center of gravity, resulting in the load being turned smoothly and securely.

It is equipped with a frequency-controlled drive that ensures an even and smooth drive from start to finish.

Not to mention, the Tecdos Tool Mover can quickly be securely stopped in any position even if power to the unit is cut, a great luxury to have when it comes to moving heavy equipment.

The Tool Mover is easy to use and does not even need to be bolted to the floor, meaning it provides excellent durability and can be moved to locations in a facility by a crane, forklift, or pallet truck.

Specifically, the machine can turn heavy dies, molds and tools by 90°, starting from 6.3 metric tons, and including 10 mt, 16 mt, 20 mt, and 32 mt on a table measuring 1x1x1 meter.

The low platform height of the Tecdos Tool Mover allows tools to be easily cleaned on the table, and its covering, which is comprised of polyurethane plates, help to preserve the tools.

Which Solution Does the Tecdos Tool Move Offer You?

  • User-friendly and easy operation
  • Low noise and smooth run (proofed in the entertainment industry)
  • Robust construction (> 20.000 tilting processes)
  • Low maintenance
  • For different tool sizes
  • Different options selectable (suited to your request)
  • Flexible deployment (can be moved by crane or forklift)

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