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How to Build Your Own Ukulele Flamethrower Similar to the Guitar In Mad Max: Fury Road

First and foremost, this DIY tutorial is extremely dangerous, which should be obvious when it comes to any musical instrument flamethrower. With that warning out of the way, below is an awesome video showing you how to build a ukulele flamethrower mimicking the flamethrower guitar seen in Mad Max: Fury Road. Technically, if you had […]

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Adeline From Airbus is a Next-Gen Reusable Rocket Designed to Rival SpaceX
Dad Installs Brushless Electric Motors on Daughter’s Mini Cooper Power Wheels For More Speed!
Warner Bros Just Officially Unveiled the New Batmobile Ben Affleck Will Be Whipping Around
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Compilation of Robot FAILS From the Darpa Robotics Challenge Finals Will Make Your Day!

Robots are becoming more and more advanced on a daily basis yet we rarely get to see how many times robots fail throughout the testing process. At the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals, advanced military robots were put through obstacle courses that encompassed everything from climbing stairs to walking and driving, and even opening doors and […]

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Is Tesla Giving up on Its Battery-Swap Technology? It Appears so, According to Elon Musk…
Reservoirs of Fresh Water Under the Ocean Floor Have 100 Times More Water Than the World Has Used in the Last Century
Mercedes-Benz Planning to Directly Compete Against Tesla With a Home Battery of Their Own
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